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    Big Marks

    A Conference B Conference C Conference D Conference

    A Conference

    High Ins
    Player NameStart
    John Menichella140
    Dejan TNT Kocev 138
    Trevor Marcotte122
    Matt Gerbasio121
    DJ Heil120
    Joe DiVincent120
    John LaGamba120
    Ed McClary117
    Corey Jewett116
    James Morgan116
    High Outs
    Player NameFinish
    Craig Conway153
    Michael Burns148
    Joe DiVincent147
    Kurt DeWitt143
    Tom Ross130
    Brian Rudel126
    Mike Randle125
    Rich Hammond124
    Widmayer Jim122
    Igor Giggs Nikoloski120
    Bob Race118
    Gabe Martinez117
    Shawn Golomb113
    Kevin Higgins112
    Matt Gerbasio112
    Chris Munson108
    Steve Oettinger107
    Rich Didyk106
    Adel Abouzid101
    Eric Schaffer98
    Roy Castillo98
    Dan O'Leary97
    James Morgan96
    John LaGamba96
    Player NameNumber
    Brian Rudel4
    John LaGamba3
    George Timpone2
    Kurt DeWitt2
    Matt Gerbasio2
    Widmayer Jim2
    Adel Abouzid1
    Avery Bozzetti1
    Bill Bell1
    Chris Launzinger1
    Corey Jewett1
    Dan O'Leary1
    Igor Giggs Nikoloski1
    James Morgan1
    Jeff Ludwig1
    Joe DiVincent1
    Kevin Garcia1
    Kevin Higgins1
    Marc Marchesani1
    Michael Burns1
    Mike Randle1
    Nikola Striker Taseski1
    Pat Potter1
    Player NameNumber
    Kurt DeWitt4
    Brian Rudel3
    Tom Ross3
    Adel Abouzid2
    George Timpone2
    Ian Stopherd2
    Kevin Regan2
    Dan O'Leary1
    Dave Garfinkel1
    Dejan TNT Kocev 1
    Eric Schaffer1
    Gary De Boer1
    James Morgan1
    Jason Mordhorst1
    Jeff Ludwig1
    Joe DiVincent1
    John Menichella1
    John Ronnholm1
    Kevin Higgins1
    Kyle Superman Waddell1
    Matt Gerbasio1
    Mike Mandeville1
    Niko Maister Panov 1
    Rich Didyk1
    Rich Ensmenger1
    Rich Hammond1
    Rick Birmingham1
    Shawn Golomb1
    Widmayer Jim1
    Player NameNumber
    Jamie Eckert1
    Single Cricket
    Player NameNumber
    Mike Mandeville 14
    Brian Rudel 14
    George Timpone 11
    Matt Gerbasio 10
    Tom Ross 9
    Rich Ensmenger 9
    Dan O'Leary 7
    Corey Jewett 7
    Jeff Ludwig 7
    Bob Tafuri 7
    Double Cricket
    Player NameNumber
    Kevin Regan 12
    Brian Rudel 11
    Kevin Higgins 10
    Shawn Golomb 10
    Gary De Boer 9
    Jeff Ludwig 9
    Corey Jewett 9
    Don Olin 9
    Bob Tafuri 8
    Rich Ensmenger 8

    Cricket Streaks

    *Red indicates streak is current
    Single 501
    Player NameNumber
    Brian Rudel 11
    Shawn Golomb 10
    Steve Oettinger 9
    Rich Ensmenger 7
    Gabe Martinez 7
    Craig Conway 7
    Michael Burns 7
    John LaGamba 6
    Corey Jewett 6
    Tom Ross 6
    Double 501
    Player NameNumber
    Mitch Burgner 11
    Gary De Boer 11
    Brian Rudel 11
    Tom Ross 9
    Rich Hammond 9
    Kevin Regan 8
    Jeff Ludwig 8
    Corey Jewett 8
    John Menichella 8
    Shawn Golomb 8

    501 Streaks

    *Red indicates streak is current

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