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    Update regarding the ABCD 2019-2020 season.

        We would like to express condolences to all that have lost loved ones during these unprecedented times. Hopefully there are not too many but as far as we are concerned one is too many.

    It's one of the hardest
    Things to bear
    The loss of the ones
    For whom we care
    Take comfort in knowing
    Our thoughts are with you
    We hope your memories
    Help make it easier for you

        Regarding the 2019 – 2020 season, we will be cancelling the rest of the season. This was not an easy decision but we have to have the player’s health and safety first and foremost.

    What does this mean for the banquets and trophies?

    1) Banquet - Introducing the 2019-2020 “Winter Ball” Banquet (January 2021). The venue has agreed to work with us on the banquet in January with the understanding that only 75% of the dues had been collected. We have postponed and have two tentative dates at the end of January. More information will be posted as we get closer to that date. So in a perfect world, we will have two dinners in 2021. Our normal June “Dart Proms” and our first “Winter Ball” to celebrate the 2019-2020 dart season.

    2) Trophies - As far as trophies are concerned we will be awarding all personal trophies. C9s, 180, B6s.

        We will resume running tournaments/LODs at our venues once it is considered safe to do so. Also, if we are able start in the summer, we will be offering a FREE summer league to all teams that participated in the 2019-2020 season. This will hopefully help our venues get back on their feet as they have supported the players over the years.

        We also have several other fundraising ideas in the works to help our venues and dart community. On a smaller note, the league officers will NOT be taking any compensation for this season. We will be able to put this towards the banquet celebrations when we are all able to celebrate this past season together.

    Everyone please stay healthy and safe.
    The Official Homepage of the ABCD
    League News Postponed Matches Big Darts League Calendar

    League News


    There is a new league mailing address:

    48 Meadow Pond Road
    Hamburg NJ 07419


    All dues must be paid ON TIME and IN FULL. Or teams will lose their home games!! No Exceptions!!

    Payment Due DateAmount
    110/24/2019 $425.00
    2 12/31/2019 $425.00
    3 02/16/2020 $400.00
    4 04/6/2020 $400.00

    Mail Payments to:
    48 Meadow Pond Road
    Hamburg NJ, 07419
    Make Check or Money Order Payable to: ABCD

    PayPal : Use Family and Friends option
    Venmo: @Bob-Tafuri

    All dues must be paid ON TIME and IN FULL. Or teams will lose their home games!! No Exceptions!!

    Banquet Dates
    CD June 5, 2020 @ The Bethwood 6:30PM
    AB June 12, 2020 @ The Bethwood 6:30PM

  • High Ins ONLY count towards games in which you have to Double In. (Doubles 501, singles 301)

    Reminder BOTH teams must send in a copy of the scoresheet. HOME and AWAY.

    You can email (,
    text 973-219-5807
    or mail 48 Meadow Pond Road, Hamburg NJ 07419 your results in.

  • Please remember you can send a pdf version to me via email

  • League Mailing Address

    48 Meadow Pond Road
    Hamburg NJ 07419

  • Lets have a Fun, Safe and Competitive Season.
    Good Luck to Everyone.

  • If you have any questions or comments please contact the league at

    Big Darts

    Postponed Matches

    Upcoming Tournaments


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