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    All Star Leaders

    A Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Marc Marchesani1274823
    Michael Burns1212923
    James Morgan891723
    Jeff Ludwig845823
    Gabe Martinez803323
    Tom Ross803123
    John Menichella780423
    Brian Rudel771323
    Widmayer Jim734723
    Rich Hammond724323

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Mike Harrison642223
    Butch Almodar621923
    Mark Gronbeck616222
    Dejan TNT Kocev 571823
    Chris Bayles570923
    Dave Garfinkel555223
    Paul Descalzi510323
    Tom Lebeda486423
    Nikola Striker Taseski458123
    Joe Yannette455023

    B Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    James Brown713723
    Steve Oettinger604423
    George Roseman529823
    Pete Gravagna524222
    Danny Kelly460823
    Pat Condon453819
    Rob Capone436923
    Gerry Murphy433623
    Ed McClary432723
    Tom Kleiber422419

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Gary Jacobs838222
    Eddie Garbarino624522
    Manny Campos537223
    John Kerr460922
    Constantine Struk444122
    Rich Karamian415722
    Anthony Mouangkhoua409322
    Kyle Goltsch395123
    Frank Jablonski350523

    C Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Mo Khalil523623
    Rob Auriemma350523
    Ryan Gagnon339423
    Brian Masincup336623
    Steve Waxman312523
    Dan Toth300021
    Jim Trent294923
    Ted Montes259523
    Nick Paton247621
    Alex 237721

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    John Van Sickell 405622
    Tim Weygand399423
    Matt Pidi358323
    Jeff Wilson340322
    Ed Glover325223
    Anthony DeSpirito313722
    Matthew Sheehy294022
    Derrick Toerock281622
    Chris Burke276123
    Chris Cioffi267123

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Eric Golomb386322
    Brian Miller364323
    Chris Sayers329923
    Hutch Delarosa309522
    Jason Chiafulio297423
    Chris Alfieri290023
    Vin Gerbasio273722
    Boris Ivanovski273623
    Mike Bonanno267023
    Dan Farinola256922

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Nick Vitale 445623
    Mike Halloway 368822
    Vinny Pizzute330421
    Raegen Rossner 312823
    Jared Sihlanick292522
    Jon Kennedy249822
    Keith Hopkins246823
    Yuka Bal225822
    Hernan Torres205922
    Joe De Grazio188222

    D Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Kevin Sheridan374523
    Charlie Lackner356423
    Scott Lagomarsino272223
    Chris Champy265723
    Mike Rowley258823
    Kevin Mount237023
    Patrick Hold231423
    Mark Husseini230523
    Joe Pops227623
    Dave Reginald225123

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Anthony Robinson339923
    Chris O'Neill232523
    Keith Dandrea208823
    Joe Polne 205423
    Greg Burns192523
    Kenny Lascar185023
    Melissa Shea163823
    Pat Olgiby151119
    Jay Kearns149123
    Nick Borghetti148623

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Paul Tecza256423
    Tom Harney248223
    Danielle Bottinelli204323
    Donnie Maskal198023
    Billy Fitzpatrick181423
    BK McCann166623
    Jerry Mitchell161823
    Darin Grajdura153423
    Joseph Carnevale146623
    Ed Fernez144723

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Pete Grimm294520
    Sean Grimm177720
    Mike Kimmerle170020
    Kevin McNamura168014
    Steve Gato 151723
    John O'Brien126123
    Dan Martin120320
    Anthony Perrone118921
    Jared Deutsch118812
    Jon Bagos93320

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