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    A Conference

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    The Flighting Irish54 3
    Papa Deez Nuts35 3
    Joey McBride's33 2
    Sportsman30 3
    Project Mayhem20 2

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Around the Corner38 3
    Hammer Heads35 3
    Slight Upgrade31 3
    Deja Vu31 3
    Dirty Jersey Darts29 3

    B Conference

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    BullsHitters43 3
    Just The Tip36 3
    Whiskey Roads36 3
    The Misfits34 3
    Pointless31 3
    Beers and Spears23 2
    Grant Street Bandits22 2

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Bad Company52 3
    Mac Attack49 3
    Dart Degenerates47 3
    Tommy Fox's35 3
    Same Seven25 3
    Rock Shots24 3
    Respec-Da-Bull23 3

    C Conference

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Los Guapos33 3
    Casey's Day Care25 2
    The New HQ23 2
    Fly In Stumble Out15 1

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Lunch Box44 3
    Nikki's Bar & Grill38 3
    Double In Dirty Out34 3
    Sheik's Bullpen28 3

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Stick'em Good36 3
    Cornerstone32 3
    We Be Trippin27 3

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Moonshine Bandits41 3
    Post 31040 3
    In The Zone39 3
    Hilltop Knights24 3

    D Conference

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Knight Flights43 3
    DJ Raiders36 3
    Flight Risk35 3
    X Men30 3

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Emerson Hotel44 3
    Straphanger41 3
    Right There32 3
    Six Shooters27 3

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    The Last Minute50 3
    The Fiends38 3
    MacMurphys Law38 3
    House of Darts18 3

    Team NamePoints Weeks Played
    Cresskill Tavern49 3
    The Bull Hunters44 3
    Dart Buddies32 3
    Lunch leftovers13 3

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